What Would You Do if There Were No Airplanes?

Why airplanes might be the worst invention ever

Dr Emmanuel Ogamdi


A leafless and dry tree standing in a parched and try land, surrounded by similar dying trees.
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Recently, I listened to Lisa speak about how she had to travel from Malta where she works to Spain for a very important exam. There were no direct flights between her chosen airports on the day she wanted to travel and because she couldn’t take extra days off from work, she had to make several connecting flights. It took her 5 flights to get from her city in Malta to her city in Spain and back in time for work.

After listening to her story and pondering a bit on it, I asked her „what would you do if there were no airplanes”?

I asked this question partly as a joke, but partly to hear how meticulously she had planned her trip before travelling. You see, I’ve known Lisa for a while, and she is very vocal about climate change. If there is anybody who would think of the climate and environmental impact of their actions, it is Lisa.

But it turned out that I was wrong. Lisa had not thought about the impact that boarding 5 huge aircraft to go between two cities would have on the environment. She had known about her travel for months in advance, but she didn’t bother to come up with the most environmentally efficient to travel. This is because just like all of us, she is a victim of something I want to call the “I can always catch a flight” mentality.

So the question I asked Lisa, I want to ask you now;

“What would you do if there were no airplanes”?

Since the Wright brothers invented airplanes in 1903, they have become a very convenient means of travel. Because of ease and speed of travel, we increasingly rely on airplanes for inter-city travel. But we never stop to ask ourselves, what is the cost of this convenience?

I don’t want to bore you with statistics about emissions by airplanes compared with emissions by other means of travel such as trains and water locomotives. You can do a quick google search if you are curious. You will find that airplanes pollute the environment massively compared to these other means of travel.

But you still have to travel between cities and countries right? Some of your travels will come up impromptu and you might not have enough time to…



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